The fact of the matter is that the UK is going to need far greater amounts of electricity to sustain it in the years to come. Electricity costs will continue to rise as more people embrace renewables and as the pool of electricity company customers diminishes it will be the ones who are ‘left behind’ that don't have any form of renewable electricity that will have to bear the brunt of the UK electricity company price increases.​​

Unfortunately, at the present time, not everyone can get solar. You must own your own property, have enough roof space, your roof must not be north facing and you must be able to afford it!

The Feed-in tariff benefits are based on three tiers and it is useful to remind ourselves of the principles of the feed-in tariff scheme:

1. Basic FiT payments which get paid for every unit of power generated, whether you use it or not.

2. Export payments which are are currently paid on a 'deemed' basis. Under 
this tier 50% of generated 

    power is assumed to have been exported and payouts are made on that basis.

3. Using as much PV generated power within your house without affecting your FiT payments.